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Unique testing and training environment for automated high bay storage

Pesmel has built an automated storage system in co-operation with partners ABB, NordGear and Siemens. Last year commissioned system is located at Pesmel workshop in Kauhajoki and it represents the latest control and safety technics. This high bay storage is built up for testing and training environment for co-operating partners enabling even closer co-operation and product development. For Pesmel the storage eases and speeds up the R&D work as the load handling solutions can be tested at the right environment at once. 

Full-scale high bay storage includes storage racking, stacker crane and WMS -warehouse management system. The racking is for 246 pallets with maximum weight 1400 kg. Stacker crane has completely new load handling system. The system’s double stroke fork is more compact with tight tolerances than the traditional fork enabling even more optimized space utilization. In customer solutions Pesmel developed WMS -product management system can be connected to mill computer or it can be an independent product management system.  

As a training environment the system enables customer and personnel training for start up, maintenance and other functions related to daily use of the system.  

In general, high bay storage with WMS control plays a central role in Pesmel Material Flow How -concept. In customer deliveries the storage type and handling device is always defined according to customer need. Pesmel patented TransRoll channel vehicle in deep lane storage is the most rapidly growing storage technic in paper industry for example.