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Pesmel Material Flow How for paper industry

Customer seminar held in Kauhajoki, Finland

Pesmel organized a customer event in Kauhajoki for a specified European customer group introducing Pesmel Material Flow How -Concept for paper industry. With seminars and product presentations we wanted to share and show new ideas of material handling. We also support partnership thinking by which the customer benefits the most from suppliers expertise in his field of business.

The leading idea of the Material Flow How -Concept was presented by Pesmel CEO Timo Äijö. “To make it short, Pesmel Material Flow How concept is based on idea of how things can be done smarter. It shows how to plan the entire production layout by minimizing the equipment and increasing the efficiency. By planning the internal logistics you will gain advantages that can no more be gained from raw materials, transportation costs, labour costs or selling price because of today’s touch competition”. states Mr. Äijö.

The product demonstrations showed how the production can be streamlined by automation. As a system supplier we make product handling, packing and storing to work as a whole. Handling different product sizes and qualities is typical to Pesmel solutions, the smooth handing is ensured by sophisticated control systems.