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Pesmel involved in school cooperation

Pesmel has always had active relationship with colleges and students. Own employees are also encouraged to update and improve their professional skills regularly. This is part of the way of ensuring that we have the latest technologies and skills in use, which is required the most from a high technology company.

Especially vital the co-operation has been with Seinäjoki University of applied sciences (Seinäjoki UAS). During the last few years the cooperation has been also very diverse. In addition to traditional cooperation ways like training periods and diploma works, Pesmel and Seinäjoki UAS work together in project workshop and project studies.

Project workshop is an interesting and new studing method developed in Seinäjoki UAS, which has had so positive feedback that other colleges are adopting it also. In project workshop multitechnological engineering students implement product and production development assignments supervised by college staff and company representative exploiting their know-how combined with their project working skills. The projects are

Pesmel has been involved in Project workshop from the very beginning by attending to a OHJAUSRYHMÄ and also by having real assignment projects. The first assignment was to develop the lifting mechanism of a transfer car. The lifting mechanism was hydraulic, and the goal for the project was to develop an electrical lifting mechanism. The project was successful and this new more ecological type transfer carriage is in productional use at Pesmel. “By having an electrical lifting mechanism, the transfer car is more reliable in maintenance point of view and have have been able to reduce our guarantee period costs”. states Pesmel’s Mechanical Engineer Manager Petteri Laamanen.