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Pesmel Yard Management System to JSW Steel, India.

Pesmel is having a significant Automatic Yard Management System (YMS) delivery to JSW Steel in Karnataka, India. The project includes internal logistic system to CRM2 with automated high bay storage and full logistics and storage control system.

JSW Steel is the largest private sector steel manufacturer in terms of installed capacity in India. Company’s annual production capacity is 10 million tons. By 2020 the company aims to produce 34 million tons of steel annually by building new mills. Pesmel’s Material Flow How -concept based YMS system is being delivered to JSW mill to be commissioned in 2013.

Beyond certain throughput capacity as needed in todays’ large CRM projects, manual material handling and storage operation becomes impossible to cope up with production/dispatch requirements. “The Configuration and Simulation study rendered by Pesmel to advise to the customer on the precise resources, building and storage requirement including phase wise installation options, makes it easier for such projects to be understood and opted by the customer”, quotes Jagannathan Rajagopalan, Managing Director of Pesmel South Asia.

As the system covers the whole internal logistics, it conveys and stores all the coils of the mill. The logistics is based on transfer car technology, which ensures gentle and automatic coil pick up, handling and delivery with smooth material flows between production and storages as well as to the dispatch area. Transfer car system as a solution complimenting EOT cranes is very reliable and cost effective giving high system availability to meet the annual capacity of 2,3 million tons in CRM2.

The mill includes yard (floor) storages with YMS at the entry and exit of the process lines and an automated high bay storage with high speed stacker cranes and warehouse management system (WMS). The high bay storage with over 50 000 tons capacity is used as intermediate and shipment storage. The storage is fully integrated to production processes enabling the total efficiency of the mill with higher throughputs per hour which may not be possible by manual operation. The yard storages function as buffers between different production stages.

Significant part of the concept is the control system, which processes all the material flows of the mill and controls logistic devices automatically 24/7. Yard storage control system including the automatic operation of the overhead cranes with yard mapping is also part of the main control system.

”Our strength in big mill logistic projects are technically superior devices and above all, the emphasis on intelligence material flows designed to suit the production/dispatch needs of the customer. Automated, efficient material flows have a great influence to cost effectiveness and productivity of the whole mill and that is the reason for customers to invest in the first place.” as shared by Mr. Juha Suksi, Sales Director of Pesmel Oy.