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Pesmel roll packing line to Owens Corning

Non-woven producer Owens Corning contracts automated roll packing line from Pesmel. The system will be delivered to Apeldoorn, the Netherlands in autumn 2013.

The line consists of conveyor and multifunctional wrapping system situated before storage area. High capacity packing line runs 24/7 and is able to receive rolls from several rewinders simultaneously. Fully automatic line runs independently, no separate operator is required. . The system includes sophisticated, automatic product identification system.

Owens Corning produces non-woven material for use in composite surfacing applications and for processing with other materials. With high value products the customers demand high quality deliveries, which set requirements for packing. In Apeldoorn the products are packed for long distance transportation over the Europe to customers for further processing. Packing must protect the product against transportation stresses like moisture and mechanical damages.

A complete export package is made with Pesmel roll packing line. The rolls are packed with several packing materials in order to have complete moisture protection and protection against impact damages during transportation.