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Coil packing line to Bhushan Steel Ltd.

Bhushan Steel Ltd. and Pesmel have signed a contract for automated coil packing line to Bhushan’s steel plant in Orissa, India. The packing line will be delivered in summer 2014.

Coil packing line packs cold rolled galvanized and color coated coils for export purposes. The line includes inspection, several wrapping and strapping stations, labeling and palletizing functions. The coils are packed with four different materials to ensure the premium product quality all the way to the end customers. Packing line includes through eye wrapping system, which gives excellent protection against humidity.

Another highlight of the packing line is automated body wrapping and edge protection machines. With automated machines ¼ of the material costs can be saved as the system optimizes the material usage to each coil individually. The edge protection machine is fully automatic with the latest development technology.

Bhushan Steel Ltd. has three manufacturing units in India, Pesmel packing line will be delivered to Meramandali unit in Orissa. Meramandali unit is planned to have capacity of 2.3 MTPA. Overall Bhushan is India’s 3rd largest secondary steel producer with existing steel production capacity of 2 million tones per annum’s.


Through eye packed coil
Fully automated outer edge protection machine