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The world's first automated pulp distribution center to the new bioproduct mill in Äänekoski

Pesmel delivered a distribution center for Metsä Group’s new bioproduct mill in Äänekoski, Finland. New bioproduct mill is the largerst industrial investment so far to Finnish forest industry with its 1.3 million tons annual pulp production. This mill started  operating in August 2017.

There will beThe mill has new technology in every department, but one of the true world premises can be seen at the end of the production line in form of world's first automated distribution center for pulp bale units. The distribution center was implemented using the new TransBale concept, which has been developed in cooperation with Metsä Group since 2013.

Bioproduct mill's production is shipped twice a day by rail road to Helsinki harbour along domestic truck shipments during the day. to enable this, new thinking with the finishing logistics was needed. The distribution center is a seamless part of the mill's production machinery, with top class reliability.

The core of TransBale automated distribution center is high-bay storage with two fully automated stacker cranes. The system buffers and sorts hard and soft wood pulp bale units by product type and customer order, and controls all dispatch operations. Compared to typical high-bay storage that uses a pallet racking system with several stacker crane aisles where only two pallets can be stored in each, TransBale is deep-lane storage where six pulp bale units can be stored in each storage channel - without any need for slave pallets. This makes it possible to store larger amounts of material in a smaller space. TransBale also provides tools for planning and grouping deliveries in a proactive manner, further benefiting the logistics pipeline outside the mill.

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