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Maximum protection with TEW

First impression of the quality of your product is created by the appearance of the package. As manufacturing technologies develop, quality requirements for raw materials increase, and create higher requirements for packing.

Today, environmental issues such as recycling, and saving materials and energy are increasingly important. Packaging can be done with 100% recycled materials, using 30% less materials, and without VCI chemicals. At the same time packing quality can be improved.
Good quality packing brings you cost savings and strengthens your brand in the market.

The packing process can be divided into two phases:  moisture protection and mechanical protection.

1. Moisture protection
Firstly, the product needs to be protected against moisture and rust. This protection works in two directions:  the product is protected against both inside moisture and outside humidity, even rain.

2. Mechanical protection
The product must also be mechanically protected against damages during handling, storing and transportation. The scale and type of these processes determine the level of mechanical protection.

In coil packing Pesmel uses modern TEW (through eye wrapping) technology with crepe paper and stretch film. Stretch film makes the package airtight and thus protects the coil against outside moisture, dirt, and impurities. Strech film forms a uniform, seamless coating around the coil. Crepe paper absorbs the humidity inside the coil.

Comparison of packing methods
Temperature differences, the production processes, or coiling procedures can cause moisture to build up inside the coil.  It can be absorbed by crêpe paper, which has a moisture absorption ability of 30 g/sqm.  

Our coil packing line is highly efficient and flexible. The line is fully automatic with pre-programmed (or manually fed) packing codes.
The line can pack different sizes and types of packages without requiring setup. The line can serve several slitters or production lines simultaneously.

Thanks to fully automatic operation, the packing line requires only material filling.  Normally, when driving with full capacity, the material filling frequency is no more than once a shift/machine.

Our coil packing line reduces packing costs. Instead of using pre-cut packing materials, our line cuts and optimizes materials according to the coil size. This means there is considerably less need for different size materials and for packing space.

Choose the Pesmel Coil Packing Line for cost-effective packing of your product, with excellent protection and elegant appearance.