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Coil Packing lines to Hyundai Steel Company in Korea

In autumn 2016 Pesmel and Hyundai Autoever Corporation entered into an agreement of a fully automatic coil packing line and one through eye wrapping machine. The equipment will be delivered to Hyundai Steel Company in Suncheon, South Korea. Both companies are part of Hyundai Motor Group. The lines will be in function in May 2018. Packing line has state of the art automation level, which has not been done before. Along with automated packing functions also the packing material change is fully automated.

The coil packing line and the stand alone through the eye wrapping machine will serve new just built CGL (continuous galvanizing line) and RCL (recoiling line) as well as the existing production lines in Suncheon mill. Pesmel’s ability to deliver highly automated packing systems convinced the customer. The automated packing line will be the first in the world where the packing material change is also fully automated. As traditional automated packing line has four to six operators, this new line requires only one operator to supervise and to fill the packing material magazines. The capacity of the line is 20 coils in an hour.

The new coil packing line also changes the packing method at the mill as the current folded laminated VCI paper will be replaced with environmental friendly crepe paper and stretch film that are applied with automated TEW (through eye wrapping) technology. TEW technology has proven to be the most effective moisture protection available in the market. Packing materials are all 100% recyclable and there is no need for any chemicals. Mechanical protection e.g. inner, outer and head protections and straps are individually cut to size and applied automatically, which enables the optimal usage of packing materials and brings big annual savings to the mill.

Suncheon mill has an annual production capacity of 2 million tons of cold-rolled coils, which is mainly used in automotive industry, but also in home appliances and construction industry. The packed coils are transported to the end customer for further processing domestically in Korea and abroad. The sensitive and valuable cold-rolled coils require safe and durable packing, which automated packing line can guarantee.

System description

Packing line packs heavy-duty packages with complete moisture and mechanical protection. The line includes:

- 2-way coil car system throughout the packing line
- Profile control station
- Plastic ID and OD corner protection
- TEW (through eye wrapping)
- Body wrapping with steel, plastic and hardboard
- ID corner protection with steel
- Robopack station for ID steel corner protection, headers and hole protection
- Inner ring protection with steel, plastic and hardboard
- Header manufacturing station (steel, plastic and hardboard)
- Eye strapping and automatic OD steel corner protection
- Narrow body protection station
- Circumferential strapping
- Labeling station


For further information, please contact:
Mr. Juha Suksi, VP Sales and Marketing
Tel. +358 20 7009 624
Email: juha.suksi(at)


Hyundai Steel

Hyundai Steel Company operates steel mills equipped with the latest in steelmaking technology in South Korea locations of Dangjin, Incheon, Pohang, Suncheon and the Chinese city of Qingdao. The company has expanded its annual production capacity of 22 million tons of steel through constant investments. Hyundai Steel Company supplies a variety of steel products to domestic and overseas customer, the main products being hot-rolled coils, cold-rolled coils, steel plates, steel pipes, reinforcing bar and special steel. The company is the oldest steel making company in South Korea and is currently one of the major companies of the Hyundai Motor Group.


Pesmel Oy is an international expert in material handling. Company’s highly automated handling, packing and storaging systems improve mills’ internal logistics and maintains their product quality during transportation. Pesmel’s two main customer groups are metal and paper industry. During nearly four decades, Pesmel has delivered over 400 handling and packing projects and approximately 120 storage systems. The company employs over 150 professionals, of which 100 are situated in Finland.