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SVEZA Group and Pesmel have signed a Memorandum of Understanding regarding an automated pulp storage of the planned greenfield pulp mill project in Vologda Region of Russia

SVEZA Group is planning to construct a modern pulp mill in the Russian Federation, Vologda region. SVEZA has selected Pesmel as a partner to execute the potential pulp mill’s basic engineering for an automated pulp shipping buffer for truck, train and container logistics.

In October 2018 Pesmel and SVEZA have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the objective of further cooperation in the planned pulp mill project. SVEZA is now proceeding with preparations, including environmental permits, for the prospective pulp mill. 

SVEZA is a worldwide known plywood producer. Currently the company produces high-quality plywood of natural Russian birch at its six mills. With the annual production of 1,260,000 m3 SVEZA is the largest producer of natural birch plywood.

Corporate Communications

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Kaj Fahllund, Vice President, Pulp and Paper, Pesmel, tel +358 20 700 9626

Pesmel is a global supplier of automated internal logistic, storing (AS/RS) and packing systems for the metal, pulp & paper and automotive tire industries. The company’s in-depth expertise of solution engineering contributes towards optimal mill logistics. Forty years in operation Pesmel has made over 400 mill logistics and storage project deliveries.