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Pesmel in prime spot in Latin American pulp and paper conference

Tony Leikas, CEO of Pesmel, had the opportunity to address a captive audience of some 250 Latin American pulp and paper industry representatives as Fastmarkets RISI acted host for an industry conference in Sao Paulo, Brazil on August 13-14. Tony’s presentation titled ‘Bringing pulp and paper logistics into the 21st century – digitalisation is the key’ was well received prompting several one-to-one discussions and agreed further actions. His message can be summarized as follows:

  • There is great unrecognized potential to increase efficiency in pulp mill logistics
  • Well planned and focused investments in logistics automation will enhance the  entire supply chain efficiency
  • The results from applying automation in pulp mill and port side logistics are promising
  • Automated solutions are bringing pulp logistics onto the 21st century

The Sao Paulo event, organized for the 14th time, provided business intelligence and information in form of data, forecasts, news and innovations for the Latin American pulp and paper industry. Dominantly a region of market pulp production Latin America produces some 15% of world’s wood pulp, most of it exported to the paper & board makers in Asia, Europe and North America. As the region’s pulp producers along with the region’s paper and board companies focus on maintaining and improving their competitiveness in turbulent global markets, solutions to logistic challenges are high on their agenda. This is where Pesmel’s competences and experience have become interesting.

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