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Valmet roll handling and packing

OptiWrap wrapping machine family is a new generation wrapping approach developed from StreamLine wrapping lines. Years of experience and know how  makes Optiwrap systems well-engineered and cost efficient solutions for continuous operation. 

OptiWrap systems are available with different configurations depending on the capacity requirements. Capacities are ranging from a flow of 50 rolls up to 180 rolls per hour. OptiWrap wrapping systems are suitable for new and existing facilities. The wrapping family includes compact special  solutions designed for small floor space.

Wrapping line configuration is created by defining the wrapping capacity and selecting the degree of automation. There are four alternatives that are build from standard modules:
- OptiWrap Multi, high capacity multistation wrapping machine (capacity up to 180 rolls/hour)
- OptiWrap Multi, indexing multistation wrapping machine (capacity up to 120 rolls/hour)
- OptiWrap, conveyor multistation wrapping machine (capacity up to 100 rolls/hour)
- OptiWrap Single, single station wrapping machine (capacity up to 50 rolls/hour)

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