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Material Flow How® -Concept for metal industry

The main components in Material Flow How® -concept are internal logisticsstoring and packing. However, the unique solution is created with system and engineering know how that is based on material handling experience and own in-house engineering resources (mechanical, electrical, PLC and ICT engineering).

Total efficiency of the mill is dependent on how well the logistical systems are integrated to production processes. With smart material flows the efficiency is increased and product quality improved.

When starting to build the material flow how -concept or a part of it, a simulation tools are used to examine different production processes and material flows as well as to analyze bottlenecks.

Our concept is suitable forcold rolled metal manufacturers, galvanized and painted steels, stainless steel, aluminium and copper, other high value metals as well as wire rod.

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Metal industry logistics

Automated internal logistics integrates the production processes and material handling functions into one efficient system. Automated logistics ensure fast and accurate material transfers between processes and provide full control of all the material flows in the mill. Today’s efficient logistics means no damages, no lost products, no errors in deliveries.

Automated logistics for coils is done with modern coil carriages and 4-way carriages, which brings the needed flexibility to product transfers. Carriages work independently and make it easy to buffer and catch time after rush hours. Logistic system is fully redundant by automatic material flow re-routing and recalculation functions.

Automated high bay storage (ASRS)

Automated high bay storage functions as the heart of the mill taking care of material handling between the production processes. The system buffers products and transfers them between various phases of the manufacturing process. Intermediate storage is the solution when mills need to have an efficient usage of space with high capacity and unmanned WMS (Warehouse Management System) controlled operation.

Automated shipment storage, individual or combined with intermediate storage, is for storing, sorting and shipping customer products. Automated storage provides increased selling by adapting to local market conditions, efficient usage of space, unmanned operation, shorter shipment periods and better customer service. By sophisticated tracking system the products can easily be identified.

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Automated packing for metal industry

Pesmel packing lines are designed for coils, slit coils, sheets and wire rod to give excellent protection and outlook to the product with modern and the most cost effective way. Packing lines are fully automated by preprogrammed packing codes. Different size and types of packages can be packed without adjustments. This combined with high capacity means that the one line can serve several slitters or production lines simultaneously. 

Our packing systems are designed emphasizing environmental issues such as recycling, material and energy savings. Packing can be done with 100% recycled materials, by using 30% less materials and without VCI chemicals, and the same time the packing quality is improved.

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