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Material Flow How® -concept for pulp & paper and converting industry

Material Flow How® -concept comprises material handlingstoringpacking and loading functions. We have built solutions for paper, board, tissue and pulp mills as well as paper converting mills and printing houses.

The benefit of Material Flow How® -concept is efficient and simple mill layout, where the idea is to arrange production and material flows so that production efficiency is maximized and needed equipment minimized. The concept is designed by our own in-house engineers, including mechanical, electrical, PLC and ICT engineering. Due to system and design flexibility the concept is suitable for new and existing mills, as well as to big or small volume needs.

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Packing methods can be devided to two main categories - kraft and stretch film wrapping, and our selection has them both. Kraft wrapping systems are Valmet Optiwrap -products provided by Pesmel as a contract supplier. More detailed information about OptiWrap.

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Automated handling for rolls and pallets

Pesmel handling systems cover all the product transportations inside the mill. The product range includes conveyors with special equipment, sorting and loading systems for rolls and pallets. Sorting can be done by sorting bins, fully automated high bay storage or by combination of different handling methods. 

The systems are designed emphasizing the product to be handled. Fully automated functions ensure smooth and damage-free material flows.

Automated high bay storing

Pesmel storage systems are fully automated high bay storages. The storage is integrated to the mill process providing high performance and availability without bottlenecks.

WMS (Warehouse Management System) is controlling the material flows between different processes and optimizing the storage and logistical functions, which increases the total system capacity and decreases the operational costs. The load handling is done by telescopic fork or with deep lane technology with Pesmel patented TransRoll or TransPallet vehicle.

Pesmel TransRoll® storage is very suitable for big storage volumes and high capacities. Storage can handle pulp bales, rolls or roll sets without limitations related to roll dimensions or packing variants. Rolls can be unwrapped, partially wrapped or fully wrapped. It is also possible to store rolls and pallets in the same shared rack structure.

TransRoll® storage has almost limitless handling and sorting capacity. The roll stream in and out together can be up to 400 rolls/hour/stacker crane. The storage is fully adjustable in all three axes, length, width and height. Due to system and design flexibility it is suitable for new and existing mills.

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Automated roll and pallet packing

Kraft wrapping has been the dominant packing method in paper mills for printing grades. And stretch film wrapping with its all variations has been the main method for tissue, fluff pulp, specialty papers and internal dust and moisture protection for rolls to be sheeted. However, the most suitable solution should be studied case by case regardless of industrial sector. With our feasibility studies and simulations both concept’s pros and cons can be carefully studied for each specific case.  

Pesmel packing lines are built from module equipment, which makes them easy to adjust to specific customer needs such as space, capacity and packing code requirements. Packing systems have fully automated functions with high capacities up to 180 rolls/hour/line. Compact wrapping lines are complemented with accessories like weighing, labeling, lid inserting, palletizing and binding/strapping units.

Kraft wrapping systems are Valmet Optiwrap -products provided by Pesmel as a contract supplier. More detailed product information from OptiWrap

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