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HelpDesk service operates 24/7 ensuring the performance of the customer equipment. Helpdesk customers have our qualified specialists available by phone whenever needed.

The specialists will help operator to find out the troubles directly by phone. If a problem situation occurs, remote connection to the control system can also be used to help troubleshooting.

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Upgrading extends the lifetime of the system and the profitability of the investment. Continous research and development keeps us on top of latest technologies. Typical upgrading projects are:

  • Increasing the throughput (capacity) of the system
  • Modifying system for new type of products (grade, dimensions)
  • Improving the safety level of the system
  • Upgrading control systems of the deliveries (PLC and PC)

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Regular maintenance guarantees high availability and extends the lifetime of the system. Preventive maintenance minimizes the unexpected repairings and helps to keep total investment and operational costs in balance.

To ensure problem free operation, regular checks and adjustments should be done correctly. For example elevators like stacker cranes need special maintenance, thus Pesmel service personnel is experienced and certified for crane service. During maintenance, the operation can be optimized as well.

When service is started at the same time with production, in addition to regular maintenance, the system training for customer staff can easily be organized.

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Spare Parts

Pesmel customer support provides comprehensive spare part services for the material handling systems. During project we make spare- and wear part recommendations for the customers.

We are constantly developing our machines and systems as well as spare parts. By using Pesmel spare part service the customer gets the latest, best quality spare parts.