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Development of FlowCare started from an actual need of this kind of remote supervisory system. With FlowCare you are able to gain deeper knowledge of your system. Identify risks in advance by analyzing equipment usage and reduce the amount of unexpected, expensive maintenance actions. Increase availability and productivity with insights gained from remote monitoring, alarms and on-the-spot documentation.

Pesmel’s support is closer than ever! Chat with Pesmel Service personnel online or send us a ticket. Spareparts catalog specifically chosen for your installed equipment is available online. Spareparts and maintenance services can be purchased from the web portal.

FlowCare is remote supervisory and preventive maintenance solution for production facilities. This includes monitoring of Pesmel equipment. All the data can be visualized in a web portal. From the portal you can create various types of reports and it is also possible to create periodical reports which are sent via email. FlowCare is built with security and user-friendliness in mind. All user interfaces follow responsive design principles so they fit perfectly for all your devices.

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